Slots Angel landed in July 2015 and since then has been providing users with his Angel Insight on the best games as well as handing out bumper bonuses.


Not to be altered in any way

Secondary logo if spacing is restricted

Solid Black and White versions available

Never to be stretched, always keep in proportion

Always use official logo colours


Primary Blue


100 62 10 0



4 0 90 0



0 0 0 100



0 0 0 0



0 100 100 0


Main character representing Slots Angel

These must not be altered, full range available in Marketing Kit

Also includes images for certain occasions

Sky Background

(Must not be altered)


Bold - Mainly used for titles and main text

Regular- Used for other addtional text


If you would like to receive our Slots Angel Marketing Kit,

please contact Daryl, our Head of Design via email: